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Another lie you try tell me why I cannot fly into the sky
Hit the wall tragic fall hear my call from an infernal ball

My past will not last so I cast it into the vast
Desire turns you into buyer or a liar playing with fire

Feeling numb you become deaf and dumb with some home
Less mess a stress psychotic madness over a cursed bless

The apex humming ka-ching ka-ching show of ba-bling ba-bling
As the slugs and thugs much like bugs mug the jugs

Honey coat money carried by a bunny thinks it funny
As kids won’t open lids to see seeds of unconscious idiots

Those whose work will oppose people’s hopes and scopes
That is align and design for what’s consign to the undefined

A billionaire unwilling to share a pear to be fair he won’t dare
Cheer as he spears the dear causes  fear as a tear’s drop I hear quite near

So we’re send to the end of this bend cannot mend or defend as we lend
Expectations of creation and take inspiration for molestation from desperation

- Faz Ahmad Nishib

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